External Storage Not Working w/ external HD

Hi everyone, I am working on setting up my NAS using OMV and nextcloud. I am on a raspberry pi4 and have enables the external storage option. I am losing it when I try to add my 2TB external hard drive.

I am selecting local (I am getting the error that smb/cifs cannot be used, so I do not know if that is part of it), but I think I am putting in the location incorrectly. I have been using the absolute path and it kicks back as incorrect everytime. I am sure I am missing an easy step, but I am at a loss.

Any help you all could give would be amazing. Thanks so much!

Using local looks good, if it isn’t working, it can be that the permissions are not correct. You can check if the folder is accessible with:

sudo -u www-data ls -lisa /path/to/external/drive

www-data in this case should be the user that is running Nextcloud/webserver.

If it isn’t the permissions, please let us know the version of NC you are using and try to gather more details from the logfiles.

This is my first time using NextCloud, but this is what I did to add an SMB/CIFS drive. It mounts properly and and is viewable by the specific user. That said it “mostly” works from what I can tell. Curious to see if you observe similar behavior.

My Testing is a follows :

  1. Upload large file (1 GB Movie) (drag and drop via Chrome browser) - WORKS
  2. Upload folder of MP3s (80MB) (drag and drop via Chrome browser) - 50% of files transferred
  3. Upload folder of MP3s (80MB) to NextCloud Default drive (drag and drop via Chrome browser) - WORKS
  4. Upload folder of MP3s (80MB) (drag and drop via Opera browser) - 50% of files transferred
  5. Upload folder of MP3s (100MB) (via Android Phone NextCloud app) - WORKS
  6. Upload folder of pictures (90MB) via Android Phone NextCloud app) - WORKS


2. Error

Good luck

Continuation of my post - as only 2 images permitted.

2. Upload SMB

3. Upload NextCloud Default Drive

Thanks everyone, I actually got it figured out!

When I loaded the docker image, I needed to set the absolute path in the volumes and then where to reference it through after the colon. So it looks like this:

- /srv/absolute-path/appdata/nextcloud:/var/www/html - App files
- /srv/absolute-path/Pictures:/var/pictures - External drive

Once I added the bottom line, it allowed me to add the external drive and synced the files over with no problems.

I appreciate all your help!