External Storage not available

I finally have things up and running and accessible!! :slight_smile:
BUT… I cannot get external storage to a windows server working. I get a green light when setting it up but whne accessing it we get a storage no available popup? Can anyone PLEASE shed some light on why no matter what i try this will not work…
Any help would be awesome!

Thank you

Your logfiles might be the best candidate to give you more information. If possible, use the php smbclient packages (see blue box: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/9/admin_manual/configuration_files/external_storage/smb.html)

did you found a solution?

I have the same failure. A share on a w2k12 server; green dot during mapping in backend, but “no storage available” in the frontend.

The share is mapping with an ldap account. Full “domain user” access on the share and NTFS setting.
(An alternate mapping via FTP is working, but the IIS cannot work UTF-8 (äöü) correctly. ;/ )