External storage (local) trashbin behavior?

Nextcloud version (eg, 13.05):
Operating system and version (Freenas 11.1-U5):

I am wondering if anyone know the default behavior of trashbin retention for external storage folders. I keep all my data+the database on ZFS volumes with quite long snapshot retention. This works really good for most data, but I have one application for which it is incredibly wasteful to use this long retention. I therefore store this data on a separate dataset, mounted with the external storage app local storage option.

I realized recently that the trashbin might retain data when I periodically clean up this storage (the files show up there). Does anyone know if that is the case, and where this data is stored if the files indeed are retained?

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I try it and it seems that nextcloud will move your files from external storage to internal data folder in users trashbin and then common retain rules applied.
This means if you delete XX Gb file from your external storage:

  1. Nextcloud perform File movement to user trashbin in data folder
  2. If you have no place left in your account - nextcloud will clean up your trashbin (and may be versions, but this to be checked)
  3. If XX Gb File is too big for your trashbin - it will be just erased.

Last time when I have no place left in data folder (but have it in nextcloud account) and file was bigger then free space left… It cause loop and I need to perform some manual job to solve it. But it was in version 12xxx.

For default behaviours check here–> https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/configuration_server/config_sample_php_parameters.html#deleted-items-trash-bin

Ok, thank you.

Seems like I have to delete data on the external storage directly and not through the web GUI then.

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