External storage local folder scanning breaks unpredictably

I have set a number of external storage folders (local dirs mounted from proxmox) in NC. A number of folders just show either no content or are 0kb/forever pending with empty subdirectories. For example many folders synced with Syncthing - that have the usual .stfolder/.stversions hidden subfolders, the folder and all its contents will not be scanned - the whole folder will be shown as empty or just an empty subfolder list. There are strange exceptions, some subfolders are shown properly.

  • it’s not a permission issue, as files that do show have the same permission as others that are not shown
  • there are no errors on occ files:scan --path commands. When running --all, I get the strange message [object Object]
  • there is nothing relevant in admin logs page/nextcloud.log except a lone except one LockWaitTimeoutException Error while trying to scan mount - but Redis/memcache.local is already configured
  • occ files:cleanup or occ maintenance:repair doesn’t help

My current theory is that some hidden error(s) breaks the scanning. Any way to fix this?

I’m afraid your posting is missing all valid informations about your server…
pls use this template to give the community some informations.
it would increase chances to get help.

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It turns out it was a permission issue after all - seemingly the read bit is not enough for NC.

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