External storage is using up internal space

Hi, I’m using Mail-In-Box that has NextCloud built into it which is NextCloud 15.
I have it install on Amazon AWS Lightsail.

I like DigitalOceans “Spaces” which is 250gb for 5.00. It’s a lot less then using S3. I created a “Space” on Digital Ocean. Enabled the External Storage app in NextCloud. Setup the Space using the API info. Named a Folder called “Cloud-Storage”.

On my local PC using the NextCloud sync app the folder appears “Cloud-Storage”.
I placed some pdf in the folder. The snyc client sync’ed the pdfs.

I logged into my DigitalOcean account and viewed the “Space” in my browser. The files are there.

However, it’s also using up my storage space on the local storage on my AWS Lightsail server.

I placed 14gb of media in the “Cloud-Storage” Folder. Syncs to my DigitalSpace account.
However, it’s also using 14gb on my Lightsail server.

I decided to try S3 stoarge bucket for a different external storage system. Same thing.

Has any one ever ran into this? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!

Please excuse spelling & grammar mistakes. I have severe dyslexia.