External Storage " : " in Folder Name

I think this is a bug but I thought I’d post here to see before muddying up the issue thread in github. I have external folders (SMB) mounted and when I mounted them I used the folder name that matched the shares mounted label in windows and then in parenthesis I added the windows mounted drive letter with a colon. So it would like like this “Personal Drive (p:)” Its been working fine until today when I discovered if I try to download a directory I get a “Cant read file” error.

I looked in the log and it turns our the colon in the folder name field was the problem. I fixed it by just removing it. Does that sound like a bug that should be submitted?

[no app in context] Error: Icewind\SMB\Exception\InvalidPathException: Invalid request for Invalid path, “:” is not allowed (InvalidPathException) at <>

Not sure if it’s a bug or a restriction that was added because of an issue the colon was causing. In general I would not recommend using colons in file paths or names.


i’m with @KarlF12

usage of special characters (like “:”) is difficult and can lead to unexpected behaviour of apps, maybe even break security.

so if errorlog tells you that it’s not allowed there definitly IS a good reason for it. they don’t do things just to torture users. :wink:

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I’m seeing this same problem when saving web pages as PDFs to Nextcloud on iOS. Using Chrome I save the page as a PDF choosing to save it to Files which points to Nextcloud. In my case, some of the filenames have “:” in them, so they don’t save. The only error is this one in the system log.

Is there any way to escape or change that “:” character in the name automatically so it will save?