External Storage GUI

So I am brand new to Nextcloud and so far I must say the learning curve is one of the steepest I have found. Add to that the fact that the documentation is really not written for the first time user and figuring this out is very difficult. But enough of that, I want to add the External Storage App to my server. That should be a straight forward process and it was initially. I was able to get it from the store and get it enabled. I logged out and back in but cannot find any way to get the the gui that is supposed to support this app. Can anyone give me an idea how to do that? On article I found said to use the top right drop down and select admin. Well, there is no admin in that drop down. In fact I haven’t been able to find any admin anyplace in the server.
So if anyone can tell me how to configure External Storage App I would very much appreciat it.

In the settings page (click on your user name on the top right), there is a External storage section. One in the personal section (if allowed on a user basis), one in the admin section.

Once you mounted storage, in the file view on the left there are external storages.

Hmm, what settings page. I can’t find one. I have decided to revert to my Samba server. I didn’t expect it to be as complex is it is, although I should have. I will have to revisit this later next week and try again. I really want to get it running to replace my Samba file server which uses external disks (USB) to save all the files (performance is not an issue). I had to completely remove Nextcloud and will start over again later next week.