External storage encryption only

Provide server-side encryption only for external storage because server-side encryption doesn’t provide suitable protection on local storage. If people think this app protects their data, they will put sensitive data into their cloud. Rename it to clarify about its actual use: e.g. external storage encryption.

In owncloud, there are detailed information in the docs, however, a lot of users are surprised that it doesn’t really secure their data (and causes issues). Even owncloud providers promote this as security feature:

Is already implemented in 9.0 :wink:

I’ve been a bit confused about whether the encryption app, encrypts files in local storage myself. Personally I want something that only encrypts data stored externally, which is what it sounds like the encryption app does. I just haven’t been willing to turn it on, in case it ends up encrypting all my local files too, thus making them unusable by other apps on my server.

So, just to clear it up… the encryption app definitely doesn’t encrypt files stored in the local data folder?

IIRC it’s an option you (admin/user?) need to tick, isn’t it? But definitely should be there already.