External storage Configure users to have access to their home drives

Hi all, I’m having a bit of trouble configuring the External Storage. I want all users in the domain to have access to their home drive when they log in to Nextcloud. I have enabled External Storage and am trying to configure it as follows:
Host : Ip from file server
Share: home$
Subfolder: \Folderxxx$user

But unfortunately it doesn’t work, if I use the correct username instead of $user, then it works.

Can you give me a tip how I can solve this best.
Thanks in advance
PS: I have installed Nextcloud 23.

Hi, I am running NC 22 but for me it worked for an external drive, when creating in the desired destination, a folder for each desired user named ‘UserName1’ and setting the path to ‘/media/externalHD/UserName1/’ (ignore the ’ ').
Within External Storage settings:
Directory: e.g. Home
Path: ‘/media/externeHD/$user/’
Assign the NC users that should have access and have a prepared folder acoording to the UserName.
The “User” will than access the level behind ‘/UserName1/’ and can create folders/files.
Hope that helps. Sorry, I have currently no chance to verify SMB/CIFS settings.

Hi, thanks but i dont understand what you mean.
greets Eddie

Does no one else have an idea?