External storage can't delete folders

I’m using docker nextcloud. I created a clean instance and I want to use the application external storage. I managed to configure successfully a local storage using the following command :

mount_id=$(docker exec --user 1000 nextcloud php occ files_external:create Home local null::null -c datadir=/var/www/data --output=json)
docker exec --user 1000 nextcloud php occ files_external:applicable --add-user=foo "$mount_id"

I can create/move/copy folder and files but when I want to delete a created folder I got the following error :

Error deleting file “folderfoo”.

It’s says it’s a file but actually it was a folder. After refreshing the browser the folder is deleted. By the way I can successfully delete files.
I’m using this image https://hub.docker.com/_/nextcloud/
I added the right user permission on the docker container and the data folder.

I tried to link into /var/www/html/data and it works as expected but this is not the right folder for external storage. Both data folders have the save permission.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, thanks for any help