External Storage cannot be adapted

Dear all,

I have problems to get access to external storage via the app External Storage Support. The installation works perfect and I added a local directory successfully, see picture 1. The mentiones folder is on an usb-stick, has www-data ownership and the mentioned directory exists. The green point indicates, that the storage is successfully mounted. The implementation was done unter the point mentioned in the red circle (administration).

But I cannot get access to the directory with Nextcloud. In the personal settings there is a red dot in front of the storage that indicates that that the directory is not successfully added. The user has administrator rights.

What am I doing wrong?
If more information needed, please ask for them.
Many thanks for your kind support


picture 1:

picture 2:

even if you out this under docker/snappy/vm… it would be useful to get to know what kind ofg container you use (or if it’s nextcloudpi)… and which nc-version you’re running…

Sorry. I am Running Nextcloud 13.0.1. Thus it should be the actual version.
My system ist running on a Paspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian.

but you’re not at all running nextcloudpi?

Yes, I am not running NextcloudPi. Is this forum just supporting this version or why do you ask so direct?
World that version be better on a RasbPi?

not at all… ncp would make it just easier.

plus i adjusted the thread and the keywords for it…

regarding your errormessage… if it’s an usb-stick i guess you could mount it in smb/cfis and not in local. since you try to mount the same name for your local user.

Hello Jimmy,

many thanks for optimizing the thread.

Because I am not familiar with the smb/cifs mounts: Do you have a good description available, how to do it? I would test this mount possibility and give a feedback afterwards.

Just for your information (maybe I forgot to tell): The USB-stick has two partitions. The one for the external storage is formatted in ext4 and automatically mounted under the mentioned path. (Maybe there is the problem with the user pi who is not the user in nextcloud.)


Hello everybody,

I could solve the problem with the external storage: I have just mounted the USB-stick new without the user in the path:
old: /media/user/usb_stick/
new: /media/usb_stick/
Thus, Nextcloud seems to have a problem when the user is added in the path, although all rights are set the same.

One additional question: the red dot remains when the new mount works. Thus, can anybody tell me what the red dot is for?

Just for information: I read a lot of smb/cifs but did not test the external storage with this method of mounting.
Many thank to JimmyKater, who gave precious hints.