External storage bandwidth limit

I have a local nextcloud instance at home that I want to extend by using data from external Nextcloud servers. However, some things are stopping me from doing that successfully.

I have some requirements that I would like to keep.

  1. I set up the local instance of nextcloud (server 1) to be the owner of my own data. The problem is that the upload connection is very slow, enough for text documents but poor for multimedia. But I want to keep such things as they are.

  2. I manage a VPS server (server 2) running nextcloud with good bandwidth for multimedia files. I would like to use the server 1 as the main nextcloud instance and use folders from server 2 as “external storage”.

I’ve noticed that the bandwidth of server 2 mounted as “external storage” is reduced to bandwith of server 1. So, my question is, is there something that I can to avoid such bottleneck? Definitely I would like to combine the safety of files at home with the speed of external servers.

Thank you very much

You have the security because the files are stored on your local server. But for each access, the files have to be transferred from their original location (there is no caching for files on external storage). Either you store such files on external servers as well or you have to live with small bandwidth.

Thank you for your response.

I assume that there is not option to speed up such folder sharings, rights? But, for example, when you mount google drive or dropbox, downloads are also limited to your server 1 bandwidth?

The thing with external storage is that you can use them directly or with another NC setup which does not use your slow internet connection. If it is your remote system and you trust data on it, you can sync two local “external” storages (two local folders outside the data-folder) via syncthing with each other.