External storage app options


I am fairly new to nextcloud and would like to understand storage options a little better.

I’m running a FreeNAS server and installed Nextcloud in a jail on this machine. So far I mounted a dataset which I created on FreeNAS to
/usr/local/nextcloud/data inside the Nextcloud jail.
This worked fine so far but then all data of all users is part of this single dataset.
Since I want to have dedicated datasets on FreeNAS for each user in nextcloud I stumbled across the “external storage” app in nextcloud.
By using this app, I could mount several dedicated datasets in FreeNAS to Nextcloud as “local external storage” and assign it to specific users.

Since I also have NFS shares on FreeNAS for these user datasets I was wondering if this could cause any issue, like file corruption etc?
And if it makes more sense to mount these NFS Shares directly via the external storage app in Nextcloud.

  1. Are there performance/security differences between local external storage and NFS external storage?
  2. And are there performance/security differences between external storage and mounting directly to /usr/local/nextcloud/data?

thx and best

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Having exact same concerns, except that I’m using SMB, instead NFS shares.

I’m looking also for some ‘good practices’ here.