External storage always pending status

Hi everybody, yesterday I isntalled Nextcloud in docker on my server with OMV.
I used an external storage with 80GB of documents, PDF and other my personal files.
Alla work fine, I can access on my nexycloud account from everywhere, using a cloudflare tunnel.
The only strange thing is that the status of the external folder storage always remains pending.
The subfolders are also always pending, but if I enter on the subfolder, it finally exits the pending status anfd give me the dimension of the folder.
How can I solve this problem?

  • What type of External Storage?
  • What version of Nextcloud Server?
  • Are you seeing this in the Web UI or in one of the client apps?
  • Any chance you can provide a screenshot?

Hi jtr, thanks for reply:

  1. the externl storage is a SSD format in NTFS;
  2. The Nextcloud installed is “Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.4)”;
  3. The problem is in theWEb Interface, I go in the files section and I see my external storage in pending;