External sharing link - Browser of others block link due to "unsecure site" issue

I m having issues ppl accessing my sharing link via their browsers. https/SSL is setup. ^
Any idea why this happens ?

I do not understand the whole problem. But perhaps you can find in the browser with “F12” and network analysis the problem.

I guess the problem is too simple, that might be the reason :slight_smile:

Like that: I send an external sharing link to a buddy - he clicks on it. Browser opens and the browser blocks my link/site (unsecure site) … I mean I can handle it by declaring the cert as secure in MY browser. But ppl who don’t know how to do that can’t open the link.
As I wrote before - https works - I’m using freedns and certbot, thus SSL is configured.
What to do ?

Sorry. Not reachable.

see - that what I’m trying to explain … I can connect with the same URL with my browser. Others not … and I don’t know why; or what to check …

nextcloud runs as a container on my proxmox server…

I think the mapping from the internet does not work. Sorry i do not use proxmox.

Solution … “get a ddns service that is compatible- and listed in your router settings”
now works all fine …