External monitoring using openNMS on android: URL incorrect?

host: ubuntu 16.04

The external monitoring solution should be possible using OpenNMS app.
I see as my external URL: https://xxxxxxxx.info/nextcloud/ocs/v2.php/apps/serverinfo/api/v1/info

However If I enter that in the openNMS app for android7.1 then I get like:
failed to connect: server exist but URL is invalid. See screenshot attached.
Is this something known or am I missing something?

When you try the Server URL in a normal browser, do you get the expected output? Or does it redirect to the default files app?

Did you try it with Compass by OpenNMS?

NOTE: This is a client application for users of OpenNMS; it requires an OpenNMS Horizon™ or Meridian™ server to operate against.

Stephan, the URL itself shows some performance data once I log-on to that url in a browerser.

Thomas, The support for external monitoring was stated as available for:
Besides a graphical UI, an API endpoint provided makes it possible for system administrators to import this data in their monitoring app so they can keep an eye on Nextcloud operations from the same place they keep an eye on the rest of their infrastructure. The OpenNMS monitoring app already supports tracking Nextcloud 10 system data and the configuration module can be easily modified for other tools like Nagios.

So I did try’d their app on android but it seems not to work?
Or am I understanding the defenition of the app not correctly?

thnx again & cheers, jeroen

@JK74 If I understand it right, you need an installed OpenNMS Horizon or Meridian server and a connector to your Nextcloud instance.

hi Thomas, thanks I thought I could just load the URL into the android APP of openNMS but that seems to not work then :frowning:
is there any other easy way to make the data visible in a nice GUI/graph?
thnx, jeroen