External Link produces error when accessed from client


small issue but not so small that I can resolve it - it maybe a glitch or bug but if it isn’t I hope someone among us can help.

The issue is I have a nextcloud snap up and running with an external link to a Lychee photo site as I think Nextcloud photo’s doesn’t do it for my requirements.
When a user is logged into the Nextcloud site and clicks on the external link to the Lychee site all works fine - the user is presented with the site.

The problem is when a user uses the Nextcloud client on their computer - the external site icon is clicked but they get a 404 error - this is down to the address being written incorrectly (in my view) by the client.

If the Nextcloud site is cloud.site.tld and the link while here is clicked they are sent to albums.site.tld - fine
If the link is clicked from the client they are sent to cloud.site.tld/albums.site.tld
Hmmm - You can see the problem here…
If you can see the solution though - please let me know, it would be much appreciated.

Attached images for clarity.

A2 - Nextcloud Site result (clicking on albums link)
A3 - Nextcloud Site double path