External Link: No Date Editable on Browser

Hi all,

I am currently using Nextcloud (latest, running on Debian).

When I browse (with Firefox on Mac) to my Nextcloud everything is working fine. Except one thing I just realized:

When I want to share a file as external link I can not edit the end date. It is simply greyed out:

Any idea why this is?
Once I created the link I still can not edit through browser. It is marked, but greyed out:

But I can edit through my iPhone App and set the date which is the taken into account on the browser, too:

Sound confusing, isn’t it?

Any hints?


I can not really help. But i think because you can edit it in the Nextcloud client app, it is a Javascript or browser problem. Can you test another browser and another browser on another operating system? Do you use ad blocker, …? Which Nextcloud version do you use? Can you test with another Nextcloud installation e.g. a free account?


I doubt it is a local issue.

I just tried as you suggested on different browser (Safari on same Mac). Additionally on a Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (work compiuter).

All have the same issue: I can not set an expiry date.

Any further ideas someone?