External ftp storage is not working 17.0.2


i use nextcloud 17.0.2 on freenas latest version system.

I installed the plugin for external archives on nextcloud.

This message appears: ‘’ FTP support in PHP is not enabled or installed. Unable to mount “FTP”. Ask your system administrator to install it.

“smbclient” is not installed. Unable to mount “SMB / CIFS”, “SMB / CIFS using OC credentials”. Ask your system administrator to install it. "

I tried to solve the FTP problem and found in the nextcloud documentation: "Notes

The external FTP / FTPS storage needs the allow_url_fopen PHP setting to be set to 1. When having connection problems make sure it is not set to 0 in your php.ini. See PHP Version and Information to learn how to find the right php.ini file to edit. "

i found my php.ini in /usr/local/etc/php.ini.

my allow_url_fopen is set correctly … so I don’t understand how I can enable my php.

and to enable SMB ?

Can you help me? thanks.


My php.ini: