External FTP connected

I managed to connect my external FTP to the NC27 and now I have access from the GUI to the FTP, it is nicely integrated in the folder list for all users, as I ticked the relevant box for it.

However when I view the folder list via the nextcloud client on w10, the ftp folder is not displayed there.

Is ther some trick to make the external ftp folder also av in the w10 explorer to gether with other folders via client sw?

Hi, usually the desktop client asks you if you want to sync the external storage as well.


in fact it did not aks me anything and there was no control visible for me to deal with it.

But after some 40min, first folders of the FTP started to appear. I do not sync the full data, just the virtual folders etc, but after some 2h all folders and virtual files ware listed. No idea if my FTP does so slow job in transmitting the list