External file share links: Overview for Administrators

Hello and good afternoon,

I just migrated a small Workgroup from a QNAP system to filesharing via Nextcloud.

Approx. 20 people will use Nextcloud to share files (Up- and Downloading) with external partners.
All is done via external accessible shares in Groupfolders.

As the person being responsible for having an overview I need to see what is available to whom.
In the former QNAP system there was the possibility for the administrator to see how many external links have been set up, and also to delete these links if required.
I am searching in Nextcloud since several hours to find the same functionallity.

Is there anybody who can give me a hint, please?

Kind Regards

In Nextcloud every user is owner of the files. It is not the task of the admin to control shares. Normally a share can not be hacked with brute force. I used a nextcloud where all users forced to set a expiration date for every external share. Perhaps this is a solution regarding security requirements.

File Sharing — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation (search expiration date)

But i think you can extract all shares out of the database.