External drive- mayhem

Thanks in advance for looking at this. I am very new to this I have tried everything I can.

NextCloudPi 28.0.5

I’ve struggled with adding an external hard drive. I’ve attached the log and explained as well as I can.

  1. When accessing the files my external drive shows that it’s mapped to myclouddrive
  2. When I click on the mapped link there are two folders inside - myclouddrive and Usb Drive
  3. When I try to upload a file to myclouddrive/myclouddrive it states “operation is blocked by access control”.
  4. I only have an external hard drive (8tb) this is no usb key attached only an ssd card for rapberry pi.

Log - Box

Please help if you can

Yes, but unfortunately it is atached as *.rtf file with 81 (!) pages, that means as an interpreted document like an e-Book. The logs are as good as useless in such a format. Logs needs to be posted as raw text, so it can be viewed and analized with json analizing tools.

So please do that little work and post the log (not the complete log, only the important parts) in a fenced code block. Otherwise you may not get much help.

Much and good luck,