External data store

I’ve just setup Ubuntu Server 18.04 and as part of the install it allowed me to install nextcloud (which I was planning on installing).
I’ve managed to login and look around, however, I haven’t been able to locate where the data is being stored.
On the server I have an SSD for the main OS, and I have an 8TB Nas drive which is mounted at /mnt/storage1.

I’d like to get the data stored within a directory on /mnt/storage1 (for example /mnt/storage1/nextcloud). I had a look online and there were a number of tutorials that pointed towards External Storage app, I’ve enabled it and configured it. However, I noticed that it states that it is the secondary location not the primary location.

How would I be able to set the /mnt/storage1/nextcloud as the primary location to store the data ?


I have exact requirement. There’s a plugin called External Storage. It’s already installed, but disabled (or something like that). You just edit the settings in Settings (the bottom section of settings) and select Local as the location of the storage.