External access: landing page and SSL configuration error

Hi everyone!

I am trying to run Nextcloud on a local server for the first time, running the official VM on a Windows machine. The setup experience was great so far, and the documentation is also very helpful. Local network access is working great, too.

Now I would want to have external access through a domain, and that’s where I’m getting a bit blocked.

After opening the needed ports and changing the DNS as explained here, when I type my domain name in the browser, it loads the default landing page with all the passwords and stuff.

From there, I can access and login into Nextcloud with no futher issues, so that seems to be working. My first question is:

Is this the intended behaviour?
Can I make the domain point directly to Nextcloud without showing that landing page?

Well… Apart of that, the setup seems to be working, so I went to the next step on my local VM:

sudo bash /var/scripts/activate-ssl.sh

When doing that, the script throws this error:

It seems that no certs are generated, we will do 3 more tries.

And then this:

After 3 tries, it gives up and reverts. I am using the correct domain name and have included the correct IP in the DNS A record. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to access the landing page using that domain, right?

The domain also has an associated SSL certificate from my hosting provider.

Am I missing something?

Update: retried the script once again, and this time it worked, for some reason unknown to me. And the “landing page” is not appearing anymore. The domain leads directly to the Nextcloud login.

So, while I didn’t find a solution for this other than waiting and trying again and again, it is solved :smile:

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