Extending the sharing tab contents in the files view sidebar

I’m developing a Nextcloud app and would like to add a new item under the “Sharing” tab. Something like this:

Is such a thing possible? If yes could anyone point me in the right direction or share some examples?

The only thing that I found in the docs is: JavaScript — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

But this example doesn’t really explain how to extend other core parts.

There might be a way but most of the mechanisms are poorly documented, if documented at all.

Hence the best tip I can offer is to look into any apps that do similar things and analyze how they do it.

In the worst case there is no such API and you have to hack your way around it by injecting your own node into the DOM with query selectors.

I hope that helps a bit.

I suspected that might be the case, but since I have no previous experience with Nextcloud development, I was also hoping that perhaps there’s a better way.

To get an idea how it can be done take a look at the following apps which are already extending the menu:

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