Extend Disk Space / Snap / Debian 20.04

Hello, i installed Nextcloud together with debian 20.04.

It was just a click to select it while installing the server. As far as i could find out, the system is usíng snap. So far so good.

Now i extended the VM-HD from 50 GB to 100 GB.
Also i extended the Partition. But still the “free space” shown in the management of nextcloud is to low.
I guess somehow the nextcloud installation is not aware of the additional disk space. Allthough with fdisk / parted it is visible.

So how can i tell nextcloud that more space is available?

Best wishes


I assume you’ve rebooted or otherwise restarted the snap since then (sudo snap restart nextcloud should do it, I think)? If that doesn’t work, this must be an issue with Nextcloud itself. The snap sees your normal disk, so it should definitely see the updated size. Not sure if Nextcloud caches that information somewhere.

@kyrofa - yes, i even restarted the machine more times. As there’s only sda1 and sda2 and sda2 is the system partition i can not understand why NC does not offer more space. Where’s the data files located that are uploaded to NC? Is it in a directory structure or in sql db?

I think you do not use “Debian 20.04” but “Ubuntu 20.04” because Debian is “Debia Buster 10” and Debian does not use Snap.

I think you have a Snap (Ubuntu application) - problem.
I hate Snap.

Debian with Nextcloud and without Snap is soooo easy.


@devnull -> yepp u’re right. i am working with so many different linux distros’s i really mixed something. To be honest i do not like snap too. everything is somehow “hidden” and simple things i learned in the past do not work there.
I guess i will give Debian a chance before the system is going out of the testing phase.
Thx a lot.

Yes install Debian 10 Buster and then install nextcloud. Works on different systems for me.


Why the hate? I’m trying to help someone with something I created and you’re trying to drive them away before I can even help them. This has happened multiple times now. Please stop. I understand and accept that you dislike my snap, but other people like it and use it and sometimes need help with it, can you accept that?

@kyrofa / @devnull Sorry, i do not want to come in the middle of a different problem.
My experience with snap is simple: It was easy and fast to setup nextcloud. But at the point where i needed to make specific changes i became a problem as nothing was like i was used it to. That made it very complicated. For me - as linux newbie with experience in many different distro’s - the main problem is to setup a running system. Even with debian i need to check and google things. But it is easier to find solutions. My aim is not to think about snap - it’s only setting up a running system.

Use my link above. Works for me.