Exporting calendar and contacts from DB?

I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I recently switched over to a new host OS. Before I switched, I made a backup of all my Docker volumes. On the new host, I tried importing the old volumes, but I can’t get Nextcloud to launch when I do that. It just keeps restarting, with no errors in the log.

I foolishly didn’t export my calendar or contacts from Nextcloud before I switched host operating systems, so I was wondering if it’s possible to export my calendar and contacts from the database without a running Nextcloud instance?

As long as you can access the database, that should be possible with calcardbackup.

Do you think that will work if I don’t have a running Nextcloud instance, but just access to config.php?

Yes it will. Basically all you need is the database and the database parameters from config.php.
Have a look at the section „Does this work with a broken instance“ in the README of the repo.

That totally worked! Thank you!

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