Export/import or copy template

I migrated a nextcloud installation with an edited template from one server to another. I created a virgin nextcloud installation, copied the mysql db, rsynced the /data directory. nothing special about this. Obviously the template revertes to default.

I now need to copy over the template from the old server but I just can’t find the files. The user who created the template may have done something fishy, but I just wonder, what is the official way to do this? The files in …/themes/example are the default ones, there is no custom folder there. the files in apps/theming seem to be the original as well. the logo in the top left is referenced as


but where can I actually find this file?

Hi @perler, i think you have to copy your theme into theme folder in nextcloud folder, after edit config.php file ( /…/nextcloud/config/config.php ) and change this line :

‘theme’ => ‘yourtheme’,

as written in the OP, the source installation has no theme folder unter …/themes. (customization hasn’t been done by me…)

@perler by default there is one… theming app is enabled ?

I have a manual installation and I have theme folder into nextcloud folder by default

thanks, that’s not the point.

it looks like the images are in a directory below …/data/appdata_randomnumber which makes migrating quite difficult. (see: Login page background-image location/storage - #4 by michaelof) this makes moving themes quite difficult, is there an official way of moving themes between installations?

@perler I don’t know… I never use custom themes on my installation but in many case themes need to be placed in the themes folder like this one : GitHub - Chais/nextcloud-themes: A collection of themes for the Nextcloud personal cloud server.