Export from Google Keep, Import to Nextcloud Notes or Quick Notes?

Is there a method to import Google Keep notes into Nextcloud Notes or Quick Notes? I tried Carnet but it imported 0 notes instead of the 224 it said it found.

For the Notes app just export your Google Notes as plain text files and put them in the Notes folder of your Nextcloud :slightly_smiling_face:

PS.: As far as i know Google Takeout offers only HTML as export format. I recommend you to use an online tool to convert them to markdown files (.md). There are also tools to bulk convert them if you have a lot of notes. The notes app itself does not yet provide a way to directly import .html files unfortunately.

I uploaded them to /data/[username]/files/Notes/ but do not see them upon a page refresh. That folder is where I see the .txt files for my existing notes.

BTW, thanks for such a great plugin. Do you plan to add other features, for example, sharing? Or checkboxes like Google Keep?

Hi, if you didn’t upload the files via web browser or a sync client but directly via FTP or file system, you will need to run the occ scan command like everywhere in Nextcloud to make Nextcloud aware of the new files.

This ain’t “my” Ädd-On, i am just the maintainer of the Android app, but searching for existing issues will give you an idea about what will come in the future.
Checkboxes are already possible by typing for example - [ ] Item.

If you are not familiar with markdown, i recommend you to read this article - and while not everything works yet, it should give you a basic idea :]

Ah, I see now that I should just upload those files to the Notes folder in Nextcloud. Yes, I originally uploaded them via FTP.

For anyone else interested, I converted HTML to text with HTMLasText.

The - [] Item shows a checkbox, but does not function as a checkbox … but OK, thank you for the pointer to pipeline.