Export Cloud users with passwords to Linux

Not sure I have landed in the right place to ask. I have a NextCloud installation and what we want to do is use the NextCloud username and password creation to be exported (using occ no doubt) and picked up in Linux (CentOS 7) via script and create the Linux users from this info. I can use occ to export lists of users no doubt, but not sure I can extract the password - a script is in place that can go the other way (from Linux user creation to NextCloud creation) but given NextCloud will have group settings etc, it would be perfect if we can somehow export the users and their passwords to Linux.
We don’t want to implement LDAP.
If all I can get is the users, then this is ok as we can set rules for the new users to mimic a company pattern when the script creates a new Linux user/password - one pattern for NextCloud, another pattern for Linux e-mail user, but both easily identified based on whether the user is a Linux user or their corresponding ‘cloud’ user.
Any guidance in this would be much appreciated.
I already have a PHP based user creation interface which back-ends to cron based scripts, but a nicer interface for the admin would be just to create the cloud user with password and then auto-exports of users would help do the comparison and create the new Linux user if it doesn’t exist in /etc/passwd.
Hope this is clear enough on what we are trying to achieve.
Many thanks in advance.