Export all file share activities as excel in nextcloud

I want to track file share activities of all users and admin and need to download as excel report per month / per week etc… Is there any possibility for that?

I think you find all details in your nextcloud database (e.g. MariaDB).

In the first step you can easily dump your database and search in the text dump. You also can use database commands for reguallary analysis.

database dump for first testing:

mysqldump --single-transaction -h [server] -u [username] -p[password] [db_name] > dump.txt


Thanks for the reply. I doesn’t mean to take database backup.
Is there any option to download/export as excel all file share/download activities shows in admin end?

“Backup” is only the documentation for dump your database.
In the database dump i think you find all activities.
And if you find there all activities you can create online-database-requests in the second step.
Also you can use phpmyadmin or other tools to access your database.