Expanding storage on Nextcloud AIO running on Linode with block storage?

I’m running AIO v4.2.0 on a Linode server (Dedicated 4GB). It has 80GB storage, and I thought I would be able to easily expand this. Then I found out that this is already the largest disk size, and to add more storage I would need to use block storage.

I am not sure what the best way forward now is. 80GB is more than enough (for a while at least) for my data, but it is the Borg backup that will be causing me to exceed my storage limit. I was thinking of adding 80GB of block storage, and simply mount this to /mnt/backup/ where the backups are made. However, something tells me this might be a bad idea for some reason I am not aware of, so I wanted to check in here first.

Is this going to cause trouble for me? And if so, what would you recommend me do in my case instead?

Yes, this is how it should be done. Make sure to first move the borg archive to a different location, then mount the block storage in /mnt/backup/ and afterwards use e.g. rsync to sync the borg archive to /mnt/backup/. Then you could check if backups stilll work from the aio interface and if yes delete the files from the server (but not from the block storage).

Great - thanks! I will proceed with this plan then :slight_smile: