Expand Hansson Nextcloud from 40GB to 1TB?

I want to expand my storage as I’m running out (only me using this at home).
Found a video but thats for Virtualbox. I am running VMware player.

Could someone give me a helping hand?
Is there a Hansson fee I have to pay to be able to expand my storage?

It looks like I have understood it correctly that I have to pay for an expand. That’s a bummer. I’m using nextcloud for my iphone and nothing more…

Is it possible to move data from the 40gb VM to a clean install, like (Official) Nextcloud VM ?
GitHub - nextcloud/vm at official-basic-vm (Official) Nextcloud VM

You don’t have to pay.

You just have to know how to do it, and your options are basically; looking online for answers, or pay for a service and get it done by someone else.

Thanks enoch85; is this in the correct direction of how to do it?

Read that expanding is not the way, but adding a new drive to the zfs pool is.


I just read this thread and was careful to write
zpool add ncdata /dev/my drive and not
zpool add ncdata my drive

After looking at df -Th it looks like my ncdata got another 210 GB of space :slight_smile:
Running update.sh now.
Hopefully this was all that was needed, thanks guys and thank you @Prati_Prati for your thread!

Actually, I prefer to expand, but it has some prerequisites to it.

Glad you got it sorted anyway! :+1:t3:

Please elaborate :slight_smile:

Well, I prefer to maintain 1 disk for data instead of 2 or several. :slight_smile:

You get a real great reliable and maintained VM.

Why not honoring this by paying such 20 bucks for the maintainer?

It’s worth every penny and you will be happy for years.

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Yes that I can understand. But I was thinking about the procedure on how to expand that one drive.
Yes I totally understand you can pay them and support the project. Will think about doing that.

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