Exclude files from ClientSync

Hi Nextcloud Community!

we are using nextcloud for a small user base and the OnlyOffice integration with the last nc release was an awesome feature for us! We are using his to fill out tables or documents in our teams. Unfortunately we are facing issues, when a user syncs a file and another opens it online. Our “solution” is to refer in the email when we share for example a table where anyone has to add a phone number, that everyone should open the file in the Webbrowser and not from file system. That works in 90% of the cases :wink: So my question is, does anyone know a solution how to exclude the files from sync to prevent misbehavior?

Thank you a lot!

File locking is needed for this. The request to not sync, seems somewhat backwards to me.

If file locking is possible from the client, yes. But then it should work without interaction. Not synching could be very ease done with the Flow app, just tag a file as “NOTSYNC” and prevent it vom syncing with the client. I wouldn’t agree with you in case that this is “backward”, its a different solution for that and for other situation. for example wenn a user did not configured a limit for automatic sync and a user shares 800gb with him. Ha can tag as “not to sync” and nothing happens. Also for me I don’t need everything on my pc, some archival files or audio/video files stay on the server and I download it on demand (for that I´m fine with the current solution in the client).