Exclude/Blacklist/Hide Folders (eg from occ files:scan)

Hi all,

I got some folders mounted via Local External Store and would like to exclude some folders from ever showing up anywhere ("@eaDir" and “#recycle” Folders, created by Synology NAS).

Current Solution: Prevent Access to those folders on filesystem level (acl deny for everything), so users cannot enter those folders. But they still show up in the files-app and occ files:scan breaks with an Exception during scan: [...] Permission denied.

I tried: Adding the folder-names to blacklisted_files in config.php as described here:

files_escludedirs-app is not available anymore:

Same issue:

OwnCloud has an excluded_directories-Parameter for config.php to solve this:

Would be nice if anyone has any suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


I am in the same boat, although I had been using this user’s branch

Which worked up until version 19. I have not troubleshooted as to why it stopped working. I suspect it is due to dependency changes

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Any working solution with NextCloud 20 to exclude these @eaDir directories?

This would be a neat feature to have!

FYI as #6888 is closed for a while now, I just opened a new issue on this topic : #26651

The “permission denied”-error seems to be getting fixed right now, including backport to 21/20.

Edit 2021-08-01: This Bugfix is related only to external smb-storage, not external local-storage.