Excessive slowness

Greetings Nextcloud Community!

I am looking for some help with some recent issues I am having using the Nextcloud web interface and Android app. About 2 weeks ago my web interface and appp were very snappy and fast. Good upload/download speed, and very quick loading of the file system. Then, suddenly, (I mean very suddenly, like in the middle of using the web interface on my windows laptop) it just took a nose-dive. Loading a documents folder with maybe 6 directories in it and relatively small sized pdf docs would take 1-3 minutes to refresh (from the usual 2-5 seconds). This was also the case with logging in to the web interface, and simple navigation to the settings and apps tabs.

I have looked into many different things and am not sure if this is a problem with my ubuntu machine, but suspect it must be. I have since backed up all of my files and done a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 Server. This machine has basic AMD components, an older Athlon cpu with integrated graphics, 16gb of ram, and 4 storage hdd (fused through mhddfs) and a ssd where the OS is installed.

I also very recently noticed some (kworker) processes eating away at much of my CPU (25-50% even while not doing any work on the machine). I had hoped that the fresh install of the OS might course correct any odd buggy-junk I might have produced while kicking my clumsy feet around in there but it actually made the problem worse!

Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated as the primary function of this server is for filesharing between my home computers for school work. Mostly transferring files (screen shots, pdf docs, etc) from laptop to tablet and saving finished products. With the interface taking so long to load it is making the time it takes to get work done unreasonable as I am constantly start/stopping for minutes at a time!

I just registered here because I have a similar problem. I just wanted to try out nextcloud, and immediately after installation (via docker + caddy + postgresql), all requests that go to php scripts take almost exactly 45 seconds to finish.
This happens on different kvm-based virtual machines (independent of the host machine).
But running the exact same docker-compose file directly on my Ubuntu laptop, it is fast.
Do you have it hosted inside a VM?

The VMs I tried were more than capable (2-4 CPU, 2-16GB RAM, SSD) of running faster than that.
It almost seems like php is waiting for some kind of timeout before answering (because I always get 45 seconds per request).
I tried tracing the network traffic, and it does not send any requests on its own, so it is not waiting for a network timeout on some unavailable resource.

And then the fresh installation shows a file “Reasons to use Nextcloud.pdf”… hahaha :slight_smile:
I will definitely not start using it while this problem persists.

Any other ideas why this might be?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it does NOT show any high CPU load while a request is being processed.

Nope, not running a VM. I actually started using a program Win SCP for use in the meantime to transfer files from my windows machines and my Ubuntu server. This obviously does nothing for use on the go, but until I can get some input on this I have a feeling I will also not be using nextcloud either.

I still believe this must be some sort of system problem since the install is fresh and the amount of operations that are running is VERY minimal.

Essentially the only thing running is kernel operations, mhddfs, my ssh clients, and docker when I attempt to load NC.

If you are using Collabora: https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/issues/1282

That’s exactly it! I reinstalled and skipped the default apps (including collabora), and it runs fine now :slight_smile: Thanks! Let’s see when this will be fixed, so I can play around with collabora…

You are amazing! That is an excellent call out. Was this released as a notice from the NC administration or did you happen to stumble across this fix yourself? I’m just curious if there is somewhere these sort of things are posted as they occur.