Excessive CPU usage - personal installation on share hosting

I just got some ‘hate mail’ from my shared hosting provider saying that for the last 3 days I’ve been using 400+ minutes of CPU per day and threatening to disable or must move to business plan etc. They provided usage info for Dec 18-20. I upgraded to 17.0.2 immediately it came out which was about that time I think. Coincidence?

I only use Nextcloud on this shared hosting site and that is for myself and my wife to share files instead of using dropbox. We upload/synch pictures and a few files so I would consider this a very small installation. We do use webdav for calendar, contacts, bookmarks but again very low volumes and number of changes. I had installed the ‘Ransomware app’ around when they said usage increased and I did notice that whenever I accessed it a just got a spinning hourglass so I disabled that to see if it changes anything.

Everything seems to be running fine from a user perspective. Is there anything I can do to reduce the cpu usage. Some settings etc?


So you’re on a shared host with no resource limitations per user whatsoever? Sounds sketchy af.

I’d ask for graphs showing your resource usage. Anything that scans uploads will use resources but for small files it shouldn’t be pegging the CPU for a long period of time.

Specifically ask for graphs of your resource usage. Not a server-wide graph or showing the processes resource usage. The graph should show data over at least 24 hours and specifically be for your user account.

Disabling the app will likely fix the issue though.