Excel file downloaded from Nextcloud has mangled formulas

Browser version of Nextcloud. Three computers (two Windows 10, one MacOS Big Sur) with different behavior when downloading Excel-created files.

On one of the Windows machine and also the Mac, an Excel-created file uploaded to Nextcloud and never touched/opened with OnlyOffice, once downloaded on these two computers, has a mangled/updated Data Validation formula (drop down list) that renders the file unusable in Excel.

That formula, in the native Excel file before uploading to Nextcloud, is this:

After simply uploading and then downloading the file from Nextcloud Browser Version, the formula becomes this:

Can this be prevented?

Unfortunately your description is missing essential information about your environment, the used php and software versions, your configuration, any related messages from the nextcloud.log file, etc., etc.

Additionally you should provide information where you store your file, locally or e.g. on a remote mounted drive.

Please also provide a DETAILED step-by-step description how you’ve stored/uploaded the file to Nextcloud, e.g. if you use a sync client, if you’ve uploaded it using the web client etc., etc.

Please exclude a nextcloud error (integrity).

Download the file to all platforms and then make checksums like md5.
You can use webbased services like https://www.toolsley.com/hash.html
Is there a difference on Windows vs. macOS, …
If not there is a problem with Windows and/or macOS and not Nextlcoud.

I went another route. Thanks for the info though.

Please describe your “route” you’ve chosen, to help other users which might run into that problem.

OnlyOffice doesn’t support certain Excel functions like SORT and FILTER, as it turns out. Perhaps there are crossovers, but I opted to use alternative methods/formulas compatible with OnlyOffice to accomplish the same things. Had to dumb down the sheet quite a bit, but it works for me.

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Hi all,
I work with rustys and can provide some details regarding this issue.

We are running

Nextcloud 20.0.11
PHP 7.4.21
MySQL 8.0.26

Nextcloud is installed on Ubuntu 18.04 (2 servers) and is fronted with a F5 Big IP that load balances between the two web servers. Mysql lives on one server. We also have OnlyOffice installed and integrated.

Data is stored local on the file system.

From my understanding, the file has been uploaded via Nextcloud web and downloaded via Nextcloud web. This is when the formulas get messed up. I’m not sure that the client is being used.

The file is shared via federation between one environment that is the same as the receiving one.

cb3, to clarify: I put the pure Excel file into Nextcloud via the Desktop software. The file was then downloaded within 60 seconds via Nextcloud browser, having never been opened in OnlyOffice online. I was able to observe both ends of the exchange myself.