Example of how to navigate files with PHP API

Can anyone point me to an example of navigating user files with the PHP API? I’m looking at this:


but I feel like I would understand it better if I saw an example.

What I want to do is provide a setting where the user can choose a Folder in which they will keep files related to the app. Once they have chosen the folder and I have a Folder object I think I can use getFullPath to get its path in the internal file system. Just not sure how to put this all together.

I made a little progress. I can get an IRootFolder into the page controller constructor via DI and I can find the path of a file within the Nextcloud file system. Is there any way to get the path to Nextcloud storage in the server operating system’s file system so I can combine the two and know the server operating system’s path to a file?

Looks like this will do it.

$files_path = $this->config->getSystemValue('datadirectory') . '/' . $this->userId . '/files';


You can get an IRootFolder in your controller, so you can do getUserFolder() to get the Folder object of the given user. Next you can use get() to find a directory or a file in this Folder, you can also use getPath() or getInternalPath();

class TestController extends Controller

    private $storage;
    protected $request;

    public function __construct(
        string $AppName, 
        IRequest $request, 
        IRootFolder $storage, 

        parent::__construct($AppName, $request);
        $this->storage = $storage;
        $this->request = $request;

     * @NoCSRFRequired
     * @NoAdminRequired
    public function Test()
        $userFolder = $this->storage->getUserFolder('user name'); //gives you Folder object
        $filePath = $userFolder->get('file name')->getPath(); // gives you string
        return new DataResponse($filePath);