Example "flutter" app in order to login into nextcloud and open an APP

Hello everyone,

Is there a basic APP with source , which i could test in order to login to my local nextcloud server?

In my case i can’t login with my app , and i am willing to share the source NP!

Do you want to implement a custom login scheme to the Nextcloud server? The question is hinting a bit in that direction.

However, from the tone and detail level, i suspect you are looking for something completely different. Would you please explain a bit more, what you are after and what you need exactly?

Hello Christian,

Thank you for your reply!

I’m trying to make a simple APP in flutter that allows me to login into my (local) nextcloud server.

After logging it it only has to show the dashboard for now.

Reason: i (think) i am facing a cors issue - which is giving me a headache :slight_smile:

Edit :
Hello Christian i just read that you’re the developerof the cookbook app.

I installed the Cookbook app on my phone for example , provided the URL for my nextcloud server , username and pass and it kept trying to login , but not because of a cors issue

Unless you are using flutter to built a web app or spa, there should not be any CORS involved. What type of glitter app are you aiming for?

If you are within a cross domain web site access, your browser will tell you about possible CORS issues. If you are programming for native apps, you should not be affected by CORS at all.

Regarding the cookbook app:
Yes, i am the maintainer of the app. However, i am not involved in the android or iOS apps, these are third party. I just try to provide an interface for other community members to work with. So, i have no experience about the flutter app itself.

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Thank you for your reply !
The error i am seeing when my app connects is :
/ocs/v1.php/cloud/user HTTP/1.1" 405 5 “-”
May i share the source of my flutter app here maybe?

I think i am actually having a server issue. When i login with the cookbook app i for example see :
“GET /ocs/v2.php/apps/notifications/api/v2/notifications HTTP/1.1” 304 0 "

Honestly, the URL with the word cloud in it seems rather strange. Is this a correct endpoint? (Honestly, i do not know it. Maybe it is right.)

If you are allowed to share your apps source code is up to you. No one will complain if you link e.g. a repository here or post a MWE.

Once more the question: what type of flutter app are you developing? Is that an app that will be running natively on Android or iOS? Are you building a web app (aka Javascript)? Or are you doing something else? Flutter allowed to configure the output language as far as i know. Depending on that format (and some boundary constraints), one might be able to provide you with done help.

An http status code of 405 indicates however am issue with your code. You seem to try to do things that the core is not expecting.

After reading the thread again, i think you might want to program something like a browser. Might that be correct?