Everyone group in Users only showing 25 users

Hi All, we are having issues with our Nextcloud installation where the “Everyone” group in the Users section will only display a maximum of 25 users. For the groups we have created they will show more than 25 users.

Anyone got an idea how this can be fixed?


Same here! I think, is not a bug, is a feature.

Request from Webinterface (limit=25)

But, I would also like to see all users here - split over several pages or something. You always have to go through the search to find a specific user outside of the first 25 (LDAP users).

The 25 user limit is hardcoded in javascript.


It is packed javascript, so just search for “usersLimit: 25,”. It’s near the end of the file. Change the value to something reasonable for your site. Of course the higher the setting and the more users you have the slower the page will load.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much! After editing this line to 200 (still loads fine) and restarting Apache I can see all the users!