Everyone group app issue

Hi Team,
I am facing an issue of everyone group in Nextcloud Talk.

Whenever I am posting a messages in Talk group where around 300 users were placed in that group Nextcloud goes hanging or site can’t be reached.

I don’t know how to resolve or where the issue is hitting so i will restart mysql & apache services to start my Nextcloud again.

Ummm… without any further infos about your server and it’s environment and some logs anyone here wouldn’t know how to resolve this problem.

On a sidenote to that: NC regards up to 100 registered users as being an homesuser instance. 300+ users? That might be a problem for some professional support.

And maybe your problem has exactly to do with your amount of users… since some push-services might not be able to cope with such an amount of users.
But well I don’t know for sure if your problems are based on that. It was just an idea…

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