Events and Forms NextCloud solution

Hi there,
Looking for solutions to promote and deploy NextCloud and help adoption in our organization.
It is Pan-European fast growing organization, Think-Thank called DiEM25.
If we manage to succeed, many people will gain experience with GPL/ Ethical Technologies and spread this experience to their businesses, families and friends.

Some of bad practices I noticed is when someone is gathering information about local events (cross Europe) they use Google Forms and expose attendance list to spyware/Ggl docs. People like forms & Ggle docs but don’t like surveillance aspect of it.

Having calendar connected with web interface and customizable forms that creates NextCloud file with information would be very useful for any organization or business.
Like, who is attending meeting, coming to a exhibition, meetup or concert.

Any GPL solutions for it on horizon? #Events #Forms
As UI/X Designer would gladly help such project to make it happen.