Event updated, when attendee accepts invintation

Hello all!

I run a Nextcloud instance for an organization with over 80 people. In this, there are many dates to which everyone is invited. For example, an annual general meeting.

Now I invite everyone to this appointment. As soon as an attendee accepts the invitation all 80 invitees get a push with “XXX has updated appointment YYY”. Is it possible to turn this off?

It makes sense that everyone gets a message when, for example, the time/location/title/description is changed, but not when someone accepts an invite.

Thanks in advance!

  • With which provider? Netcup What kind of server? root
  • On which hardware? Server
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.1
  • Nextcloud version: 24.0.1
  • PHP version: 8.0.19
  • MariaDB:10.7.3
  • Redis:7.0.0-alpine
  • NC runs in Docker

I didn’t test but from the description it sounds like design bug with Calendar app - try opening a Github issue for it (maybe one exist already)…


Thank you very much!
I have opened an issue:

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