Ethercalc, Collabora Online, etc... no new Browser open

Hi @ all,

i’m new in the NextCloud World…

I installed Nextcloud 15 on my webhosting server. Following the instructions, I then installed Ownpad to use EtherCalc. As far as everything worked in the setup, I can add in Nextcloud then .pad or .calc. But if I then click on this to open the window, Firefox and also Internet Explorer wants to download the file.

The same problem I have with Collabora Online, there my browser does not want to open a new window, but download the data.

I can not use Node.js on my webhosting server because it’s not available. Can this be the cause?

The mimetypemapping.json I have adapted as necessary and placed in the root directory in the folder config.

Thank you for your help.

(PS: If you have any questions, I can also write in German :slight_smile:)

To use Ownpad for Ethercalc you need an Ethercalc-Server.
The same is true for Collabora Online, you need a Collabora-Server, see