Estimating costs of S3 as main storage

Since NC support using S3 as main storage I’d like to unsderstand if it’s possible to estimate the running expense of such a configuration. Excluding the server itself, is it possible to understand how much Amazon S3 will cost?

It’s very easy to calculate the physical space, but S3 bills also transfers, expecially GET ones. How can I know how many downloads will be run by Nextcloud in production?

Given an initial setup where all the data will be manually copied over all the clients theoretically no data is fetched from S3, as it should all be metadata. Rigth?

Then when an user changes a file it’s uploaded to NC -> S3, and then synced on all clients which, if I got it right, should trigger an S3 GET of the data. Am I correct?

Anyone willing to share their experience when using S3 as main storage?


Hi max,

i want to share my experience, i have setup s3 as the main storage in NC 13 and boy it was horrible. Too many Get and Put requests for only a few files, it literally exceeded 10x my free tier allowance. I know it should not behave that way, i try to do a research about it even in owncloud, unfortunately they havent had any fixes yet on both sides.

it would be nice if you could give some quantities… I don’t want to have a free storage, I just want to know how much I’m going to spend.

S3 free tier for AWS is 5G, how much data did you store there? 1G or 4? How many clients? Average file size (if estimable)?

Did you try with the new S3 implementation in owncloud? Did you file issues in github?

Around 50 files, total of 15GB. All of the costs went to the get and put request (9$). I only tested it with 3 Users with nextcloud client installed on their PC. Now im planning to make S3 as the primary storage using goofys. I just want to have S3 (0.025$) as the main storage because its cheap compared to EBS volumes 0.16$/GB. Lets see how it goes.

Never, i saw they still have open issues with S3. currently no one had came up with a solution.