Errors with big files


yesterday I installed the current Nextcloud on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and successfully completed the wizard (DNS, SSL, ports, etc.).

An 8TB HDD is connected to the Raspberry Pi and connected to the router via LAN.

In principle the Nextcloud works very well - but only with small files.

As soon as I upload a larger file (~1GB) I get error messages (upload aborted, etc.) - but the file still appears in the cloud.

But this is where the problem starts: The file cannot be deleted, renamed, moved, etc. - At the same time smaller files work without problems.

Sometimes the file can be opened (is a video) - sometimes the cloud crashes and I have to restart the PI with SSH.

The error can be reproduced with all file types, the bigger the file the more likely the problems are.

What could be the reason? I suppose the config is right, because smaller files work great.

Is the PI possibly just too weak for files and video streaming with file size 1GB+?

Iā€™ve already tried some fixes (redis, rescan, etc) but none of the solutions could solve the problem so far.

Thanks for your help!

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