Errors while uploading Files

Hi guys,

I have nextcloud running for a few years now. It startet with a Raspberry Pi, first using the NextcloudPi Image, then the DietPie install, which ran very smoothly for a long time.

This year I upgraded all my instances to a real server running Proxmox, which has Nextcloud installed on a Ubuntu 20.04.3 VM. I used some different guides to install nextcloud and found this one to work best.

It worked for a long time, but with the latest updates I am getting a lot of errors, when uploading files. The problematic files are my drone footage, which are 3.5GB MP4 files. Not only these are producing the errors, but most of the time.

In my case NGINX Proxy Manager is redirecting to Nextcloud Port 443. I am using NGINX (Mainline) Webserver, MariaDB 10.6 and PHP 7.4 with Nextcloud 22.

Additional Software is Fail2Ban and Redis.

The Nextcloud Data directory is installed on an USB 3.0 Hard Disk.

Here you have my Nextcloud Log.

And here some Screenshots of the error Messages and my configuration.

I would be very happy if you could help me out.



I just saw, that the same thing happens when I am syncing a new Device on Windows 10 or Android. Both have the current Nextcloud Version installed. Here are the download logs.