Errors in nextcloud.log (ocs.password_policy.API.validate)


my NC keeps telling me the following in the admin interface / logging:

Unable to generate a URL for the named route ocs.password_policy.API.validate

When searching for that, I could not find a suitable solution.
One was saying to disable the password check against
Does anyone know this error and how I can beat it?

And did it change something for you? (Nextcloud 22.2.2 gives password policy info msgs all over my log)

And if you disable the password_policy app, it probably works again?

Did you update/upgrade recently? Or is it a new setup? Which version? Was it working before?

Hi tflidd,

this is an upgraded system on Ubuntu server 22.04 from version 25->26->27->28.
Right now it is version 28.0.6. The upgrade 27->28 was done recently, in the last 4 or 5 weeks.

Following the suggestion to disable password checks against haveibeenpwnd did not change anything.
I just temporarily disabled the password policy app, but only for 2 minutes as this is a prod system reachable via internet with active users. So I re-enabled the app again.
As those errors are showing up in nextcloud.log intermittently I cannot say if this change has been successful.

Regarding your question if it was working before, yes, the errors must have come with the upgrade to 27 I think, as I was hoping they will be gone with 28 upgrade but they are still here.

Additionally I can see another error in the logs:

RouteNotFoundException Unable to generate a URL for the named route "cloud_federation_api.RequestHandler.addShare" as such route does not exist.

There have been more errors, but at the moment the other messages don’t show up.
Is it reasonable to post the whole log lines from nextcloud.log?

I think the password policy only applies if someone changes their password. Perhaps you can check a bit more in details when there is less activity.

Here was a hint, that restarts of php and the related caches might help:

I’d disable the password policy app, then check if the other error message disappears as well. So I’d try to see if I can narrow down the problem to a specific app.

I keep a small test setup that is similar to the main setup, so I can test new versions, other apps etc. without the risk of breaking the real setup.