Errors in error log

Hej guys

the following errors I found in my error log:

Error PHP Undefined index: REQUEST_URI at /home/user/nextcloud/lib/base.php#175
Error PHP Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD at /home/user/nextcloud/lib/private/Route/Router.php#78

Any idea how to get this fixed? Is this app related? If yes, which app?

Kind regards

Which version of Nextcloud do you use, which apps are enabled?
Are these just messages you found in your logfiles, or is something not working in your setup?

  • It is Nextcloud version 10
  • Activity
  • Auditing/Logging
  • Collaborative tags
  • Comments
  • Default encryption module
  • Deleted files
  • External sites
  • Federation
  • File sharing
  • First run wizard
  • Gallery
  • Mail template editor
  • Notifications
  • Password policy
  • PDF viewer
  • Provisioning API
  • Server info
  • Text editor
  • Theming
  • Update notification
  • Usage report
  • Versions
  • Video player
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

Just saw them in my logfile area. Up to now I am not aware of any issues. Anyhow, I’d like to get rid of these messages as they are marked as error.

Kind regards

Is it this issue:

Yes, it is. I forgot to have this issue still open. I will follow it on Github.

Thank you remember me. :slight_smile: